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How to Get Your Board of Directors on the Same Page


In board meetings, directors lay out their different perspectives and debate various ideas to come to a consensus on critical matters. These could include the company’s policy, management appointments or even how to respond to emergencies. It’s harder than it seems to reach an agreement. It’s nearly impossible to make significant decisions without the support of your board and getting everyone on the same page can be a daunting task.

The first step is to create a framework that will ensure that each meeting produces the best results. This includes sending out the meeting materials at least a week in advance to give attendees enough time to read them and comprehend them. In addition some boards have the practice of holding an informal meeting in the lead up to the actual board meeting, where they discuss the agenda items ahead of time.

Then, ensure that the goals of the meeting are clearly defined. This will help keep the focus and facilitate discussions and ensures that the board’s decision-making processes are clear and efficient.

Encourage participation by asking for feedback at the end of every meeting. This will help you identify and address any problems in the way that your board works, and will keep them on track towards reaching their goals. Ideally, this will be carried out through surveys, anonymous polls, or through facilitated discussions.

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